Inspections And Audits

A SAFAS independent inspection gives you the security of knowing that your premises could pass a Local Authority visit - and if not, what needs to be done to meet the required standards. We can make a detailed inspection of your premises covering:

Current Documentation procedures & information recorded
Legal Compliance
Quality of Hygiene and Safety Standards
Working practices
Structure of the building and equipment

In fact a very similar inspection to that of an Environmental Health Officer. If you have already put in place your own policies and procedures, then a regular SAFAS audit will test that they are being followed and complied with.

Inspections and Audits

Traceability Audits

Annual due diligence of suppliers will be carried out to ensure that their systems and processes comply with our recommended standards.

Spot checks

Informal visits to food premises. They will revolve around conversations with staff discussing any key concerns. The kitchen and food prep areas will be visually inspected. Any non compliance issues will be notified to the staff at the time of inspection and followed up by email.

Audit and inspection

Formal inspection of kitchen and food preparation areas. Audit of documentation, traceability and due diligence. Formal written report with opinion on current food rating status and recommendation/ action plan.

Audit and Inspections of non food premises with regards to Health & Safety

Formal inspection of warehouse/office. Audit of documentation and due diligence. Formal written report with recommendations/ action plan.