Allergen Guidance

All caterers are legally required to identify and list the key food allergens in every dish. The Food Standards Agency has currently listed 14 food allergens that must be identified and others may be added. This food allergen information must then be made available for customers who need to know what is in the food they are about to order.

The information must be kept up to date and amended when changes are made to existing recipes, or when new ones are added. If the Food Standards Agency identifies further allergens, these must also be included.

The SAFAS Allergen Guidance on line system enables caterers to identify all allergens within their dishes.

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SAFAS Allergen Guidance is a powerful management tool for caterers

There is an added advantage. Many customers, who do not suffer from food allergies, do express food preferences and choose to exclude certain foods from their diet. The SAFAS Allergen Guidance allows you to search through all your stored recipes to provide options that do, or do not, contain certain ingredients. This can save you time and money when you are planning for large numbers of guests with varying needs and preferences.

Save time and money!

Integrates easily into existing HACCP programmes

Enter or copy/paste recipes from other applications

Identifies key food allergens in recipes

Creates a list of allergens contained in your recipes

Search for ingredients - when customers express food preferences

You can meet customers' precise needs

Access 24/7 via internet - view on PC, laptop, tablet, smart phone etc

Print out results

Update recipes

Add new recipes

Add new products (pre-processed food ingredients)

Automatically updates when new allergens are added

Your information is confidential and secure

Allergen Guidance