About Us


SAFAS was first started in 2001 by John and Maggie Goodwin with the aim of helping businesses achieve good standards of health & safety and for caterers high standards of food hygiene. In those days documentation was not a legal requirement but always a good idea for due diligence purposes.

Nowadays documentation is a must and SAFAS has developed an on line HACCP system for caterers and H&S documentation for many different businesses.

John Goodwin, with the help of Paul Norris (SAFAS's technical guru), developed on line training courses on many H&S subjects. John, with the help of colleague Helen Woolley, has trained hundreds of people in H&S subjects over the years in the classroom.

John also wrote two books and the course material for the Chartered Institute of Environmental Health on 'Conflict Resolution and Personal Safety' and 'Health and Safety in Health and Social Care'.

The Allergen Guidance system was John's idea and Khairil Hodgson developed the software, and this has helped caterers identify allergens in their dishes at the click of the mouse!

SAFAS launched its own version of the Food Hygiene Rating system for local restaurants in 2001, long before the Food Standards Agency introduced it nationwide.

John wrote the HACCP documentation for the staff Christmas Party at Buckingham Palace some years ago. It was a short notice job which meant working solidly throughout the weekend to get all the HACCPs written for every dish!

SAFAS on line training solutions are used by the Crown Partnership and Eton College to name just two. We also provide free on line training courses for volunteers working at the Christmas Kitchen set up by St John's Church in Egham.

Sadly John is no longer with us, but his wife Maggie and sons David and Christopher are continuing with the business - so a real family concern taking up the challenge of finding smarter solutions for the future.

SAFAS is an accredited training centre for The Chartered Institute of Environmental Health.

The SAFAS Team



Managing Director

David has the flair and drive to make SAFAS a first choice amongst caterers for food safety and health & safety services. He is a Health & Safety tutor and inspector, and responsible for sales and marketing.



Technical Director

Maggie is responsible for directing all training programmes, system development and implementation. She also acts as Senior Auditor, in matters of Food Hygiene and Health & Safety.



Technical Manager

Helen is responsible for the day to day running of the business. She writes up the bespoke HACCP documentation for each new client and keeps it updated on the portal. She manages the on line training and assists with inspections and reports.



Technology Director

Khairil has over 20 years professional experience in online technologies and is responsible for the continued development and maintenance of SAFAS online based solutions.


  • Randall And Aubin

    As London's leading Oyster Bar and Restaurant at Randall and Aubin we have found SAFAS to be a great support in providing us with detailed and specific solutions to our Food Safety and H&S requirements. Their approach to training is refreshing and relevant to our specialised demands. The SAFAS auditing programme provides us with a very useful management tool that helps to ensure we are always up to date with our safety and hygiene key performance indicators.

    Jamie Poulton Randall & Aubin, Soho
  • Crown Partnership

    Crown Partnership is an all-encompassing events, catering & hospitality provider for the past 40 years, ensuring a quality led service. We have worked in partnership with SAFAS for several years. They have developed a comprehensive and relevant on line training course for all our food handlers. They respond quickly and efficiently to our needs and we are happy to recommend them.

    Karl Wilkinson Head of Safety & Compliance
  • Eton College

    I have used SAFAS for the last three years mainly for the online courses for staff here at Eton College. They are well written and engage the staff who are taking them, allowing us to give on- going training in the work place, minimizing the amount of time they are away from their departments. I would highly recommend using SAFAS for both online training and work based training for groups of staff.

    "Great tools for the busy working environment".

    Ian Warwick Catering Director - Eton College
  • Wallace Space

    I work for one of the leading meeting venues in London, where we provide around 2000 lunches a week to our clients in house across our 4 sites. We therefore need to ensure we are following the correct food hygiene and safety procedures at all times. We have used SAFAS for over 8 years now, they have trained all our Chefs and Food Handlers in the level 2 & 3 Food Hygiene Certificate, making the training interactive to ensure the information is understood and retained. SAFAS have designed a bespoke portal system for us that has all our HACCP monitoring forms and documentation that ensures we are following the correct procedures and food safety standards. SAFAS also audit our kitchens and paperwork every 6 months to make sure we are running best practice sites. Their assistance is invaluable and having Helen and Maggie available to answer any questions we may have is top class service!

    James Perry Associate Director - Wallace Space